Our Plan


SIBCO is the engine of a structure to cycle philanthropy funds through a social economical environmental industry of all social and environmental projects and programs in an economical structure as a alternative to charity and welfare. SIBCO creates profits through the development from people of despair to people of prosperity duplicating through teaming for sustainable and scalable growth. Investing in the creation of Multi-Level Intrapreneur Micro-Businesses (MLIMB) built in a structural corporation form resulting in individual human impact. Intitutionalizing the development of the fundamental thinking of seeking to multiply one’s value through teaming by adapting  Sports, Music, Military Strategy, training to develop strengths with weaknesses in collaboration as parts of a whole in an Economical/Environmental Social Governance business structure (EESG).


By simply running our current capitalist structure in reverse in tandem as a corporate structure: Business to Consumer(B2C) > (C2B)Consumer to Business

(Service) – Raw material into a marketable material; (Production) – Developing marketable materials into a product; (Service) – Delivery of those products to the end consumer; (SIBCO) Consumer – Producer of Up-cyclable materials; (Service) – Up-cycle material collection, separation, and transportation; (Production) – Innovative and marketable material back into our infrastructure; (Service) – Delivery and installation of those materials into our infrastructure; (New Consumers) – The newly developed consumer market from the transformed blight and poverty as a result of the expanding infrastructure; (Business) – Micro-businesses created from the Direct, Indirect, and Induced impact.


We reverse our current capitalist structure of systems to create a collaborative structure of social environmental systems designed as a corporation. SIBCO’s structure converts the residuals of the current structure and revalues those residuals creating a commodity to reintroduce back into the current structure, such as reciting the ABC’s in reverse, then back again in two separate lines. Investing in businesses duplicating themselves as franchised micro-corporations teamed together within that corporation unleashing human skills with measurable direct, indirect, and induced Social and Environmental Impact for a Total Return On Investment (TROI). These combined structures running in tandem create a circular economy.


Environmental Builders

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